Ion-Selective Sensors


Wellinq’s membrane mixture is suitable for detection of different ions based on the ISFET technology. Our portfolio includes sensors for detection of nitrate and ammonium.

Sensor Integration Services

At Wellinq, we develop and produce sub-assemblies with our own sensors as well as 3rd party sensors. We have numerous years of experience and specific know-how to die attach, wire bond, encapsulate, steer and compensate the sensor, and provide R&D engineering projects for this. In these projects we design the sensor sub-assembly for the products of our partners; of course always in close cooperation with the partners. This comprises requirement analysis, feasibility analysis, technical drawings as well as prototyping. After an engineering project has been finalized, we can also provide the manufacturing of the sensor sub-assemblies.


Wellinq developes a membrane mixture suitable for detection of different ions based on the ISFET technology. The variation of the ionophore in the membrane is responsible for the detection of the ion of interest. Therefore, ions for which ionophores are commercially available can be developed.

The ion sensors can have different formats according customer requests (e.g. ConeFET, MiniFET, CupFET, MicroFET). With the same robustness as the pH probes, these CHEMFET probes consist of a single sensor and a reference electrode.

Wellinq’s portfolio includes sensors for detection of: Nitrate, Ammonium, and eventually Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, and Chromium.