PTCA Dilatation Catheter – Semi compliant


The Everest pushes the boundary in terms of performance and safety and is viewed by interventional cardiologists across the world as a high quality workhorse PTCA catheter.

Key performance characteristics of the Everest are:

excellent crossing

atraumatic tip, created by our proprietary bonding and shaping technology.

  • Low profile
  • Flexible performance
  • Kink resistant

low profile tapered shape Design “tip to balloon” transition for smoother crossing results.

  • Lesion entry profile 0.016” (0.40 mm)
  • Distal balloon profile 0.023” (0.58 mm)
  • Proximal balloon profile 0.025” (0.63 mm)

hydrophilic coating, covering tip to distal shaft, including the folded balloon.

  • Eliminates catheter friction
  • Remains durable during multiple usages

workhorse standards redefined

  • Superior Re-wrap incorporated the latest insights on re-folding and re-wrap interactions.
  • Higher pushability due to balanced proximal and distal shaft transitions.
  • Full 6F Kissing Technology compatibility, guaranteed.

Wingseal technology

  • Tighter balloon wrapping for reduced crossing profile.
  • Smoother profile transition; compressing folds and shoulders.
  • Eliminates balloon-wadge flaring and minimizes friction
  • Enhances trackability


Blue Medical’s Everest brand is produced at Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands.  It is EU-MDR certified and sold globally (not for sale in the USA).