PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Force NC

FORCE NC is a high pressure PTCA catheter that ensures pressure when pressure is needed. It combines the highest rated burst pressure with superb catheter performances to enable precise post dilatation.

Key performance characteristics of the Force NC  are:

highest rated burst pressure available

  • Rated burst pressure 24 bar, nominal pressure 12 bar
  • Extensive and safe working range

outstanding conformability

  • No longitudinal growth for controlled expansion, even at high pressures
  • No balloon deformations up to rated burst pressure for precise stent apposition
  • No dog boning between nominal and rated burst pressure

unsurpassed flexibility and low profile

  • Ease of use equal to high performance workhorse catheters
  • Lesion entry profile 0.016’’ (0.40 mm)
  • Balloon profile distal 0.023’’ (0.58 mm), proximal 0.025’’ (0.63 mm)

real non compliant

  • Less than 1% growth per atmosphere between nominal and rated burst pressure
  • Controlled equal growth during inflation up to rated burst pressure ensuring exact and protected sizing

newest generation hydrophilic coating

  • Fully coated, tip to distal shaft including folded balloon
  • Eliminates catheter friction, prevents release of particles
  • Remains durable during multiple inflations


Click here to download a copy of the Force NC product brochure


The 1st generation catheter was launched in 2008 under Blue Medical’s Force NC brand and produced in Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands.  In 2012 the 2nd generation was launched, incorporating the latest design improvements. It is CE certified and sold globally (not for sale in the USA).

Force NC