CoCr stent drug eluting balloon.


CoCr stent drug eluting balloon

The Pioneer CoCr stent on a drug eluting balloon is the next step in cardiovascular treatment. It combines the best of Drug Eluting Stents and Bare Metal Stents by providing the late lumen loss normally associated with drug eluting stents while reducing late thrombus risk and the need for long term dual anti-platelet medication due to fast and complete re-endothelialization.

Key performance characteristics of the Pioneer are:

increased treatment effectiveness

  • Hydrophilic coating delivers Paclitaxel without any negative side effects or inflammation
  • Vessel healing not interrupted and stable within days after procedure
  • Re-endothelialization starts within days after procedure

reduced risk and medication requirements

  • No increased late thrombus risk
  • Anti platelet therapy can be reduced to BMS standards

safe and reproducible drug delivery

  • Drug incorporated in hydrophilic coating and encapsulated using unique Wing-Seal Technology; no accidental release or airborne drug particles
  • Minimized drug content in contact with operator and minimized drug loss in bloodstream prior to inflation
  • Hydrophilic coating delivers Paclitaxel to the vessel wall instantaneously and homogeneously upon contact
  • No pre-dilation required, direct stenting does not influence drug delivery
  • Load secured to achieve the therapeutic window within 30 seconds inflation time

proven stent technology ensures easy deliverability and use

  • Pioneer delivery system based on the proven proprietary CoCr stent of the Track family
  • Low profile atraumatic tip: lesion entry profile 0.016’’ (0.40mm) optimized to reach and cross the most difficult lesions
  • Hydrophilic coated balloon cushions embedding stent struts reducing entry friction and profile
  • Superior push, track, re-wrap and re-fold and unsurpassed stent retention guarantees safety and delivery success
  • 5F guiding catheter compatible

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The catheter was launched in 2012 under Blue Medical’s Pioneer brand and produced in Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands.  It is CE certified and sold globally (not for sale in the USA).