Non compliant Drug eluting balloon

Protégé NC

Innovative drug coated balloon that opens a window of opportunities with regard to treating coronary diseases in the best possible manner. The Non-Compliant version is unique on the market!

Supported by independent scientific evidence, we offer a safe, effective and reliable tool to further enhance patient care with accurate transient local drug delivery.

Key performance characteristics of the Protégé NC are:

safe drug delivery

• No airborne particles and no premature release of Paclitaxel
• Hydrophilic coating delivers Paclitaxel homogeneous to the vessel wall instantaneously upon contact
• Hydrophilic coating delivers Paclitaxel without any ecxipient
• Inflation for only 30 seconds ensures the drug delivery to the target lesion

fast and complete re-endothelialization

• Vessel healing not interrupted and stable within days after procedure
• Re-endothelialization starts within days after procedure

no procedural limitations

• Flexibility and characteristics of a usual Non-compliant PTCA balloon
• No change in standard operating procedures or handling required
• No pre-dilatation required: tight lesion crossing does not influence drug delivery
• Multiple inflations will not lead to toxic level of Paclitaxel

Based on Blue Medical’s proven high-pressure Non-compliant PTCA catheter
Technology optimized to reach and cross the most difficult lesions
Optimal pushability and trackability due to balanced proximal and distal shaft transitions
Low profile tapered shaped design tip-to-balloon transition for smoother crossing results
Retrograde approach compatible
Full 6F Kissing Technology compatible

Blue Medical’s Protégé NC brand produced at Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands.

Add features and benefits for NC

-higher RBP and equal pressure distribution
– no dog-bone effect

Protégé NC