CTO Catheter


Chronic total occlusions are one of the toughest challenges interventional cardiologists face today. Summit shows the optimum between balloon profile and strength, and between stiffness and flexibility.

In close collaboration with our customers we have successfully redesigned our CTO balloon to create the 2nd generation Summit CTO PTCA balloon catheter.

Key performance characteristics of the Summit are:

ultimate tracking

  • Lowest guidewire friction on the market
  • Long catheter design reaches all the way (154 cm usable length)

unsurpassed push

  • Optimized new lumen materials combine flexibility with required push stiffness
  • PoleVault kink resistant hypo tube
  • Hydrophilic coating up to the tip, including the balloon area
  • New stiffening wire configuration enabling higher pushability

crossing with confidence

  • Tight tip track over the guidewire
  • Tip entry profile 0.016″ (0.40mm)
  • Balloon distal profile 0.024″ (0.62 mm)
  • Tip and balloon profiles with wedge shaped design

inflate and finish safely

  • Low inflation time
  • Rated burst pressure 15 ATM

Click here to download a copy of the Summit product brochure


The 1st generation catheter was launched in 2008 under Blue Medical’s Summit brand and produced in Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands. In 2012 the 2nd generation was launched, incorporating the latest design improvements. It is CE certified and sold globally (not for sale in the USA).