Stent System


The TRACK Coronary Stent family made of cobalt chromium and optimized for specific area of use. These stent systems provide high end performance with less metal and reliable outcomes.

The Track Family offers two lesion specific designs that are optimized to provide a perfect solution for each specific procedure and requirement:

Track workhorse design

  • Optimal performance at a vessel diameter between 2.6 and 4.4 mm.
  • Optimized strut thickness and width preventing early breakage.
  • Perfect vessel conformability and side branch access.
  • Ideal metal to artery ratios for general diameters.
  • No increased recoil, no overstretching stent struts and no deformed struts after expansion.

 Track SV Small Vessel design

  • Optimal performance at a vessel diameter between 2.0 and 2.8 mm.
  • Reduced strut thickness and width for dedicated treatment.
  • Perfect vessel conformability in low diameters.
  • Ideal metal to artery ratios for Small Vessels.
  • No increased recoil or under expanded stent struts.

Key performance characteristics of the Track family stent systems are:

designed for tortuous challenges

The TRACK stent designs combine the well appreciated flexibility of coil stents with the radial strength and longitudinal integrity of typical tubular stents. This makes the stent extremely flexible and provides an unsurpassed ability to conform to the vessel anatomy without straightening the artery. The expanded design permits for excellent access to side-branches without jeopardizing the wall coverage or overall integrity.

easy deliverability

  • Low profile atraumatic tip: lesion entry profile 0.016” (0.40 mm).
  • Wig shaped transition from tip to balloon for smoother crossing.
  • Balloon cushion embedded stent struts reduce entry friction and profile.
  • Newest generation of hydrophilic coating eliminates catheter frictions.
  • Superior push, track, re-wrap and re-fold.
  • Unsurpassed stent retention guarantees safety and delivery success.
  • Precise balloon to stent length fitting ensures no balloon overhang while maintaining full stent expansion.


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The 1st generation stent was launched in 2006 under Blue Medical’s Track brand and produced in Blue Medical’s production facility in the Netherlands. In 2011 the 2nd generation was launched, incorporating the latest design improvements. It is CE certified and sold globally (not for sale in the USA).