Ion-Selective Sensors

ISFET pH Sensor

Wellinq’s non-glass ISFET pH sensor with no equal. This is the sensor of choice for pH measurement requiring the highest level performance and / or small size.

Sentron’s ISFET pH sensor are uniquely suited for medical applications. In fact, Sentron’s ISFET pH sensor is the only ISFET pH sensor used in FDA and CE approved medical devices. They are also ideal for food applications, since they are glass free and can be fitted in probes with a small profile that minimize damage to produce. They are also applied in many environmental and industrial situations where varying wet / dry conditions or other physical conditions such as pressure make conventional glass pH electrodes ill suited.

Example applications include:

  • Oesophageal acid reflux measurements
  • Intestinal pH monitoring and precise drug release by pH measuring Smart Pills
  • Oceanic probes
  • Pharmaceuticals and food processing
  • pH measurements in the stomach of ruminants
ISFET pH Sensor