We are Wellinq.

We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality medical devices. Additionally, we build sensoring equipment that is integrated into our medical devices or finds independent medical and industrial implementation. The accumulated engineering skills and in-house manufacturing capabilities coupled with the go-get mentality of its workforce make Wellinq a thriving specialized enterprise.

We are achievers. We will not settle for a mere status-quo. Ceaselessly, we are keeping a watchful eye toward the future. We take great pride in breaking new ground for the benefit of doctors and patients.

That is why we always go beyond.

No matter what.

  • Angiographic Catheter


    High quality Angiographic  catheter that provides reliable kink-free passage of tortuous anatomy and calcified lesions while keeping optimal torque control in the coronary arteries.

    Product image
  • Guiding Catheter


    A state of the art guiding catheter, with superior characteristics. The catheter is best in class and provides precise delivery in the target vessel.

    Product image
  • Drug Eluting Balloon


    Innovative drug eluting balloon that opens a window of opportunities with regard to treating coronary diseases in the best possible manner. Available in Non-Compliant version, unique on the market!

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  • PTCA Dilatation Catheter - CTO


    Chronic total occlusions are one of the toughest challenges interventional cardiologists face today. Summit shows the optimum between balloon profile and strength, and between stiffness and flexibility.

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  • PTCA Dilatation Catheter - Non Compliant

    Force NC

    FORCE NC is a high pressure PTCA catheter that ensures pressure when pressure is needed. It combines the highest rated burst pressure with superb catheter performances to enable precise post dilatation.

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  • PTCA Dilatation Catheter – Semi compliant


    The Everest pushes the boundary in terms of performance and safety and is viewed by interventional cardiologists across the world as a high quality workhorse PTCA catheter.

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  • Stent System


    The TRACK Coronary Stent family made of cobalt chromium and optimized for specific area of use. These stent systems provide high end performance with less metal and reliable outcomes.

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  • CoCr stent drug eluting balloon.


    CoCr stent drug eluting balloon

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  • Ion-Selective Sensors

    ISFET pH Sensor

    Information on our ISFET pH sensor is available at our new website: www.sentron.nl.

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  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensor

    More information on our full Wheatstone bridge pressure sensor is available at our new website: www.sentron.nl.

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Blue Medical Devices is a Wellinq company. Based in Helmond, the Netherlands, Wellinq designs and produces innovative and high quality drug eluting balloons, PTCA balloon catheters and coronary stent systems for interventional cardiology.

PendraCare is a Wellinq Company. Based in Leek, the Netherlands, Wellinq develops and manufactures angiographic and diagnostic catheters for interventional cardiology, radiology and urology.

Sentron is a Wellinq company. Based in Leek, the Netherlands, Wellinq designs and produces high quality pH and pressure sensors, performs sensor integration for medical and non-medical products. Wellinq also has its own pH meter line.