OEM Engineering

Contract Development

Wellinq has broad experience in contract development and contract manufacturing of sensor sub-assemblies in OEM engineering projects. We have specific know-how to die attach, wire bond, encapsulate, steer and compensate any sensor.

Design Support

Our customers typically approach us in the product development phase and our engineering team assists in the design and integration of our pH ISFET or full Wheatstone bridge pressure sensors in these 3rd party products. Our integration services can also be used for other brands of sensors. Our experienced engineers have designed, in collaboration with the customer, over 100 custom made solutions. Thanks to these experiences we can significantly shorten the product development time.

We have designed OEM sensor components for pH and pressure measurement in a wide range of medical, food, environment, analytical and industrial applications. These include gastroenterological catheters, smart pills, cardiovascular catheters, urology catheters, oceanic probes, environmental probes, food safety monitoring devices, probes for monitoring pH in industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical processes.

An OEM pH sensor component typically consists of the sensor, custom reference electrode, control electronics and housing parts. OEM pressure sensor modules typically consist of sub-assemblies containing the pressure sensor, housing parts and control electronics.

End Products, Semi-Finished Products, and Sub-Assemblies

Wellinq offers end products to distributors in non-medical markets like the agricultural or the food market. Moreover, we offer semi-finished product and sub-assembly services for customers developing and producing products containing our sensors.

During the prototyping phase we can rapidly adapt sensor module designs and test concepts. After product launch, Wellinq offers standardized volume assembly of a sensor component. The sensor component is subsequently assembled into the end product by our customers.

ISO 13485

Wellinq is ISO 13485:2016 certified. The REACH and RoHS compliance declaration can be found at the page ‘About Us’. There is a clean room facility for product assembly, product testing and qualification services.

Contract Development