About Us

We are Wellinq.

Medical technology is our core business. We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality medical devices. We focus on creating technologies that give medical specialists the means to treat patients efficiently using our state-of-the-art devices.

Our leadership team consists of professionals in the medical industry that are joining forces to spearhead the Wellinq venture. Bringing a wide variety of expertise from different academic backgrounds into play, the leadership team staunchly believes in the concept of collaborative effort within our company to take responsibility for our goals.

Our minimally invasive vascular products find wide application in interventional cardiology and radiology. Additionally, we offer sensor solutions that are integrated into medical devices and devices for food, environment, biotech, agricultural and pharmaceutical applications.

Wellinq operates on a global scale from various locations in the Netherlands. Using our network of distributors or directly conducting business with leading international companies such as Boston Scientific, Terumo, B-Braun, Medtronic, Integra and Abiomed, we provide our partners with Wellinq brand-name products, semi-finished goods or private-label products.

Wellinq is ISO 13485:2016 certified. The REACH and RoHS compliance declaration can be found here. There is a clean room facility for product assembly, product testing and qualification services. The accumulated engineering skills and in-house manufacturing capabilities coupled with the go-get mentality of its workforce make Wellinq a thriving specialized enterprise. We are achievers. We will not settle for a mere status-quo. Ceaselessly, we are keeping a watchful eye toward the future.

We take great pride in breaking new ground for the benefit of doctors and patients.

That is why we always go beyond.

No matter what.