• Contract Development / Contract Manufacturing

    Sensor Integration Service
    We offer integration services for the integration of sensors into medical as well as non-medical devices. These include R&D engineering projects as well as the manufacturing of the sensor sub-assemblies.
  • ISFET pH Products

    pH Meter Line
    We offer a comprehensive line of glass-free high quality probes and meters that are created for Sentron's proprietary ISFET pH sensor technology. Moreover, we welcome customized OEM requests.
  • pH Meter Line

    Webshop for the Wellinq’s comprehensive pH meter line of quality meters and probes for glass-free pH measurements, created for Sentron's proprietary ISFET pH sensor.
  • Resistant to Extremes

    Thanks to European Union’s funding we are working on a sensor to measure pH in extreme environments and a reference that is resistant to high temperatures and contamination.