Thanks to European Union’s funding we are working on a sensor to measure pH in extreme environments and a reference that is resistant to high temperatures and contamination.

Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working on two innovative projects. For more insight into Sentron, please visit our new website at .

Alumina Tantalum

The aim of the first project is to develop a new construction of the pH-sensitive field effect transistor (ISFET). A new top layer should improve the stability of the Isfet and make it more resistant to extreme pH values. Another improvement is that the sensor should be able to withstand higher temperatures better.
The intended result is a functionally working prototype pH sensor that is more stable with regard to drift, can measure the pH for a long time in solutions and environments with higher temperatures and extreme pH values.

Innovative Solid State Reference Electrode

The aim of the 2nd project is to develop a prototype solid-state reference system, which eliminates the need for liquid in the reference electrode.
Within this project, we will develop a solution that is revolutionary in the market. A solid state reference has no liquid internally and is coated on the outside with a precious metal, so that it is not subject to aging. This reference will also be resistant to higher temperatures and contamination.