Ion-Selective Sensors

ISFET pH Sensor

Wellinq’s non-glass ISFET pH sensor has no equal for medical and non-medical applications. It is the only ISFET pH sensor used in FDA approved and CE certificated medical devices.

Sensor Integration Services

At Wellinq, we develop and produce sub-assemblies with our own sensors as well as 3rd party sensors. We have numerous years of experience and specific know-how to die attach, wire bond, encapsulate, steer and compensate the sensor, and provide R&D engineering projects for this. In these projects we design the sensor sub-assembly for the products of our partners; of course always in close cooperation with the partners. This comprises requirement analysis, feasibility analysis, technical drawings as well as prototyping. After an engineering project has been finalized, we can also provide the manufacturing of the sensor sub-assemblies.

pH ISFET Sensor

One of our own sensors is the non-glass pH sensor, created for Sentron’s proprietary ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH sensor. On the ISFET standards page an extensive overview is given about the sensor itself: it is robust and does not require wet storage. It is of no surprise that we manufacture sensor assemblies for partners in environmental and industrial applications where varying wet / dry conditions or other physical conditions, such as pressure, that make conventional glass pH electrodes ill-suited. Other examples are sensor assemblies for products for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) management, food optimization by using a rumen pH bolus, data-based tank mapping by using pH sensor spheres in bioreactors, among others.

An OEM pH sensor module typically consists of sub-assemblies containing the ISFET sensor, custom reference electrode, control electronics and housing parts. The ISFET sensor has small dimensions (down to 0.6mm x 1.7mm) and is thus ideally suited for medical applications. Moreover, the Sentron ISFET is the only ISFET pH sensor used in FDA approved and CE certificated medical devices. Some examples are esophageal acid reflux measurements, intestinal pH monitoring and precise drug release by pH measuring smart pills, and pH measurements in the stomach of ruminants.

In our webshop the ‘pH-kit starter set‘ is mentioned, which is a good start when thinking about commencing a project for a sensor sub-assembly. It is a modular and flexible ISFET pH sensor platform that can be integrated into prototypes and experimental setups.

ISFET pH Sensor