• ISFET pH Products

    Standard pH Products
    More insight into Wellinq’s comprehensive pH meter line of quality meters and probes for glass-free pH measurements, created for Sentron's proprietary ISFET pH sensor.
  • OEM Products

    Custom Products
    Wellinq can design and produce a custom-made pH meter line, based on your own application or market and created around Sentron's proprietary ISFET pH sensor.
  • Downloads

    Manuals, technical guides and tools for the use of SI meters, pH probes and ISFET pH starter kit. The return good form can be downloaded here.
  • pH Meter Line

    Agriculture Applications
    Soil pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Having the correct pH is important for healthy plant growth as it reflects the chemical conditions.
  • pH Meter Line

    Meat / Fish Applications
    Monitoring the pH of slaughtered meat provides a suitable tool to ensure its quality and consequently also good consumer’s experience of the product.
  • pH Meter Line

    Cheese Applications
    As one of the most important indicator of food quality and safety, the pH is monitored at different stages of food processing and transformation to guarantee safety, improve production and enhance quality.