• OEM Engineering

    Contract Development
    Wellinq has broad experience in contract development and contract manufacturing of sensor sub-assemblies in OEM engineering projects. We have specific know-how to die attach, wire bond, encapsulate, steer and compensate any sensor.
  • Ion-Selective Sensors

    ISFET pH Sensor
    Wellinq’s non-glass ISFET pH sensor has no equal for medical and non-medical applications. It is the only ISFET pH sensor used in FDA approved and CE certificated medical devices.
  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensor
    Wellinq’s full Wheatstone bridge pressure sensor for differential measurements, undisturbed by atmospheric pressure changes. Stable behavior with low drift in variating pressure and temperature environments.
  • Ion-Selective Sensors

    CHEMFET Sensor
    Wellinq’s membrane mixture is suitable for detection of different ions based on the ISFET technology. Our portfolio includes sensors for detection of nitrate and ammonium.