• OEM Engineering

    Contract Development
    Wellinq has broad experience in contract development and contract manufacturing of sensor sub-assemblies in OEM engineering projects. We have specific know-how to die attach, wire bond, encapsulate, steer and compensate any sensor.
  • Ion-Selective Sensors

    ISFET pH Sensor
    Wellinq’s non-glass ISFET pH sensor has no equal for medical and non-medical applications. It is the only ISFET pH sensor used in FDA approved and CE certificated medical devices.
  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensor
    Wellinq’s full Wheatstone bridge pressure sensor for differential measurements, undisturbed by atmospheric pressure changes. Stable behavior with low drift in variating pressure and temperature environments.
  • Industrial

    Multiparameter Sensor
    By taking a serious look at all applications, we keep entering into new innovations in our semiconductor labproduction facility. Soon we will launch sensors for EC and ORP, with which great multisensor solutions for e.g. water monitoring can be...