OEM Products

Custom Products

Wellinq can design and produce a custom-made pH meter line, based on your own application or market and created around Sentron’s proprietary ISFET pH sensor.


Some applications request specific adaptations to the pH meter line that is created for Sentron’s proprietary glass-free ISFET pH sensor technology. Wellinq has many partnerships for customized ISFET probes that range from simply the logo of the distributor to a complete redesign of the meter and probe for water quality applications, bioreactor applications, or other applications. Moreover, we can do in-house software and hardware engineering, as well as CNC routing and milling, which enables us to design sensor assemblies that would fit into your own product.


Wellinq developed a membrane mixture suitable for detection of different ions based on the ISFET technology. The variation of the ionophore in the membrane is responsible for the detection of the ion of interest. Therefore, ions for which ionophores are commercially available can be developed.

The ion sensors can acquire different formats regarding customer requests (e.g. ConeFET, MiniFET, CupFET, LanceFET, MicroFET). With the same robustness as the pH probes, these CHEMFET probes consist of a single sensor and a reference electrode.

Wellinq’s portfolio includes sensors for detection of: Nitrate, Ammonium, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, and Chromium.

Customer Specific Solutions

Tailor made probes can be developed for specific industrial processes, ion-selectivity, connector types or with specific analog or digital interfaces. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and potential solutions.

Custom Products