Guiding Catheter


A state of the art guiding catheter, with superior characteristics. The catheter is best in class and provides precise delivery in the target vessel.

Key performance characteristics of the Primum are:

Low resistance due to unique hydrophilic coating

  • Smooth catheter introduction
  • Low friction during advancement in tortuous and calcified anatomy
  • Reduced vessel spasm in radial approach resulting in more patient comfort

Selected parts of catheter remain uncoated:
Distal: Increased grip when advancing catheter into sheath
Proximal: Steady positioning due to friction in sheath
Increase grip outside the body for 1:1 torque

Designed for radial approach

The guiding catheter is designed to be your first choice in TRA (Trans Radial Approach)

  • Hydrophilic coating on the body of the catheter.
  • A range of shapes are available that allow alignment of both left and right coronary with one catheter
  • A range of shapes are available specifically designed to align the left or right coronary from radial approach

As a result, this patient friendly combination reduces irritation to the artery wall and prevents spasms.

High torque control

Encapsulated ultra-thin high strength flat wire braiding provides high kink resistance against torsional and radial compression and excellent push ability characteristics

No catheter friction provides real 1:1 torque control of the tip

Excellent back-up support

Excellent shape retention after prolonged procedure time

Minimal temperature softening of the catheter providing more passive backup support

Uncoated segment in the tip providing good grip at ostium and support of opposite aorta wall to give additional passive backup support

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The catheter was launched in 2011 under OEM and PendraCare Primum brands and produced in PendraCare’s production facility in the Netherlands. It is CE certified and FDA (OEM brand) approved and sold globally in 5F, 6F, 7F and 8F sizes.